About this Blog

Welcome! My name is Gritz and to put things plainly, I’m a queer and nonbinary human figuring out how to navigate life outside of school.

I began this blog in 2015 at age 23 after graduating from college. I found the need to finally sit down and concentrate not just upon broader queer and trans issues and advocacy, but also upon what being nonbinary means for me.

On this blog, I address my letters to Leslie Feinberg (1949-2014), an anti-racist white, lesbian, working-class, secular Jewish transgender warrior and revolutionary communist, and author of notable works such as Stone Butch Blues and Transgender Warriors.

Living somewhere between day and night myself, I write letters to Les. I know we will never meet. I know she/ze/he is gone and that what Les could ever say to me has already been written. Knowing this, I’ve chosen to read hir works and respond while writing about my own experiences with gender and sexuality, other events and literature, and other brave transgender warriors.

This blog is messy and unpolished. I am messy, unpolished, and self-conscious about writing on the Internet. I choose to do so anyway, however, and I do my best.

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