Tulips and Appreciation

April 10

Were you ever in love with the world, Les? So darn enamored you caught yourself from tripping? I find that just like with colors, I can’t pick a favorite season. I’m in love with the the spin of the earth on its axis and our trip around the sun. I’m in love with living in a place that experiences changes in light and warmth. So it goes, there’s something to love about every season. For a while this year, when pondering possible least favorites, I considered winter. But while in Yosemite, I saw the leaf- and star-shaped ice in puddles in the red earth floor below sequoias. Perfect replicas of leaves in ice, no leaf detritus in sight. And I remembered I lived in a world with wonders in every season. Every single day there’s something to celebrate.

Every year, spring swells my heart with the sight of tulips. I can’t explain how excited or peaceful I get. How I will stop wherever I am if I feel drawn to admiring a flower more fully. I can’t not acknowledge every patch or lone tulip around and admire the differences in shape, size, pattern, and color. The petal tips pointed like a swallow’s wings, the classic rounded ones, reminding themselves of the Netherlands.

I fall in love with the world every time I see a tulip. I just do.

Maybe because there are so many kinds and I haven’t seen all of them yet. Maybe because they complement each other. Maybe because the rains can knock their petals from them, and scatter the ground with wilting color. Maybe because their bulbs can grow soggy under ground and we’ll never know exactly what will rise. Maybe because every year they are a gift.

I was born into this world, in this place, in this age, and I don’t know how I feel about that sometimes, but oh god, these colors, Les. I’m so glad to live in a world with these tulips.




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