polite company

March 6


I live, perhaps, my own experiences of asexual

sometimes a, sometimes sexual, always x—searching for some answers

a month ago, while still flirting with another feral soul, i wrote

about a night

I nipped, whispered, and stroked

her to moans and yeses at 3 or 4 in the morning

when her room and house were dark and silent

waking her somehow from slumber beforehand,

apologizing between kisses

for keeping her awake, smiling into her neck

when she replied it was her favorite reason

to be awakened

She offered to cut my hair

if I had a buzzer

And so, while perhaps this was not

the stuff of casual (or is it)—it is was

not for the long term either

I warned her to ignore my body

when I told her I was cold, but later


my teasing body atop hers, softening slightly,

I could feel the beginnings of warmth

so perhaps there is sway. I wish I could say

with certainty

   _                         that I feel

the way lovers would like me to.


I do not wish to erode

                                                  to sand.

5 thoughts on “polite company

    1. Oh, I will be very happy to erode when it’s time:) I’m just not interested in eroding to tiny grains I have no control over while still alive! Changes are important-that level of erosion, perhaps less so.

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