Your Love is Enough

You walk into a coffee shop for the first or 846th time and laugh with the barista

You scratch your dog behind the ears in just the way they like

You talk to a stranger in a puffy coat on the bus on your way home from work. You chatter about jobs, schools you attended, and the ice storm and part ways knowing you may not see each other again but feel the warmth of this 10 minute blip in time

You sneak your fork over to your grandpa’s pie plate (he trained you well) and when his fork clashes with yours your faces both split in grins

You climb into your rubber boots when the streets flood with rain and clear drains with an old rake, waving at cars and cyclists that pass by

You roll down your window to call thank you when you pass others doing the same

In the correctional facility, you crack up a roomful of inmates with goofy self-deprecation

You refuse your inmate friend’s offered pen because policy says you cannot take home anything from them, but the next time you see each other you show you listened to their recommendation and bought your very own of that kind.

You say please and thanks, and take care. Occasionally you call May the force be with you, because you can and why not

You shrugged at your acne in the mirror last week and told yourself you are most definitely a babe, a hottie, a champion.

You held the door for a stranger this morning even though they were capable of opening the door for themselves

You carried yourself with dignity and self-respect even though you couldn’t open the door for yourself

You call your family, biological or chosen, as regularly as you can

You pushed for accessible, inclusive restrooms in your school/workplace/rec center, maybe not because you need them, but because you know someone does even if you’ve never met

You give compliments just because (you mean them)

You plant a tree

You don’t have much money and your stomach was growling a bit but you bought a meal for someone who hasn’t eaten much today

You’re quiet, reserved, but smile at the people you pass on your morning run along the river

You mailed a letter to your friend or an old teacher on Monday

You fell asleep after kissing your lover or

reading a chapter of your book and snuggling deeper into your blankets

You woke up this morning and got dressed

*  * * *


There are so many shades of love and care

and all of it counts for something

even if the chalk is too short to make tallies

or your brain has forgotten arithmetic.

It doesn’t matter if you’re in a romantic relationship or three

or have never kissed someone.

There are so many shades of love,

and yours is beautiful. What you’ve got,

it’s so much

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