No More L Word

December 5

Well, Leslie, I tried. I really did. I watched an entire season of The L Word, plus an episode of season 2 and I just can’t force myself to watch more. I know many folks fan hard over the show and I’m glad the show was made because some lesbian and trans representation is better than no representation, but I just can’t watch. The drama is too much. Why so much infidelity? Why aren’t folks kinder to each other? Is it necessary to tell so many lies and manipulate others? Again, why so much cheating?

It’s not even worth it to keep watching to see more of Shane, Ivan, or the rumored Max, who I wouldn’t even know about had I not read Raye’s post. I just googled Max a minute ago, swooned over Daniela Sea’s character, and nearly felt like changing my mind about my No More The L Word declaration until I read he dated Jenny. I can’t stand Jenny. I rarely dislike anyone even if I disagree with them or find their mannerisms irksome, but alas, I resent Jenny for her faux-innocence, no conscience cheating, childish way of speaking to avoid honest conversations, and strange eye contact which I would compare to an animal’s but I don’t dislike any animal enough to compare it to Jenny. I feel guilty and soul-less writing this (where’s my patience and compassion?), but on a gut level I hate Jenny. When my buddy told me they were murdered in the last episode, I had to bite my tongue from replying, “Good.” I don’t want to ever feel that way about anyone (except maaaybe Donald Trump who unfortunately isn’t fictitious*) so I obviously shouldn’t watch a show that brings out the worst in me.

There are definitely great things about the The L Word, but I look forward to a day where there are more positive representations of lesbian and queer folks in television and cinema. I’m tired of watching shows and movies where one of the protagonists finds love (but first lust) by cheating on her boyfriend, husband, girlfriend, or wife. It will also be wonderful to watch shows featuring greater diversity in terms of race, religion, nationality, body types, class, and ability. And gender identities, of course. The options are few.


*To be clear, I’m anti-killing anyone!  I simply wish an out-of-touch, racist, xenophobic, sexist bigot like Trump wasn’t faring so well in the presidential election. His popularity is troubling.

8 thoughts on “No More L Word

  1. If you could create your own show/wish a better show into being, what would it be like? Mine wouldn’t take place in Hollywood and would definitely include more nonbinary, trans, and butch folks.


    1. Interesting. I would locate it in Northampton and, yes, more diversity of queers including butch-loving butches and fat queers. Or locate it in the South. Sick to death of the depictions of queer women as only uber-fit white femmes.


      1. Your show sounds far more engaging! I’d definitely watch at least a few episodes. I might add more of an age range to the characters too. Also, to be honest, I don’t really think of The L Word as a queer show. I generally associate queer identity with resistance of systems of power and oppression and it didn’t seem like that bubble of Hollywood women were resisting much. The show mainly seemed lesbian to me, if that makes sense. But I’d be happy to be challenged on this 🙂


      2. MashaTJ

        It’s interesting to me that you identify the characters represented in The L Word as “femmes” because I think femmes (especially femmes of color) are actually the least represented identity in that show. It’s true that the lesbians are feminine but that qualifies them as women not as femmes. Femme represents something more excessive than the normative feminine spectrum portrayed in the show.


  2. Raye

    Oh, The L Word. Good in some ways, yet so, so problematic. You’re not really missing anything; they are really terrible in how they end up treating Max’s character. I don’t even want to tell you because it’s so voyeuristic and sensational. Also, seconding the Jenny hate. Worst character ever.

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    1. Haha thank you for supporting my decision to forgo watching the rest. That helps lest I ever trick myself into thinking I should watch more. And absolutely! 🙂 I’m glad it was okay with you. If you ever want me to delink the post, please let me know! I

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